Our Mission

Vision - The Trinity Health Foundation and Trinity Health are working together to improve the lives of people in our region.

Mission - Trinity Health Foundation assists Trinity Health in creating a system of care with the most significant impact on health and wellness throughout the region.

We will achieve this mission by:

  • Lifting up the story of lives that have been positively transformed to inform, inspire, and involve partners in providing quality healthcare and health related services for the people of our region.
  • Seeking and providing financial resources for service lines, facilities, patient services, equipment, staff development and training, and employee assistance
  • Engaging donors through proper customer service and cultivation, managing their information with integrity, communicating with them, thanking and appreciating them, and providing them with accountability and transparency about how resources were utilized
  • Stewarding all resources at our disposal

Values - We believe that:

  • Each person is born with inherent worth and dignity
  • Caring relationships are essential for a healthy society
  • We are interconnected; we are responsible for our actions; our actions have impact beyond ourselves
  • Responsible stewardship is critical to the quality of life for present and future generations
  • The respect for, and the engagement with, diverse people and ideas strengthens community
  • Equitable access and opportunity are essential to a just society
  • Curiosity and learning are innate
  • Each person has untapped potential that can be developed